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   Much new information about employee ownership in March 2006, with 1090 articles in this press review.
Which place and which role for employee ownership in the framework of some major corporate takeovers in Europe? This point continues to be hardly discussed in very similar circumstances in Ireland, France and Austria.
So we have our employee ownership serials now !!
In Ireland, Eircom (telecom) could be taken over by Australian Babcock & Brown. However, Eircom's employees are the first shareholder with some 22% held through their ESOP Trust. Their position will be a key-element of the whole issue (29 articles).
In Austria, Amag (aluminium) could be sold. What about the 20% shareholding of Amag's employees ? – still hard discussions, even at political level (23 articles).
France held for two months hot discussions about the takeovers of Arcelor by Mittal (steel) and the merger of Gaz de France and Suez (energy); they add now Eiffage (building), and Thales (defence) – Thales’ employee owners association would like to buy Dassault’s participation.
Not so different in UK, see “UK plc up for sale” (article nr 400).
Could employee ownership be developed to anchor industries locally (nationally) – this is French Government's position, hence new legislation favouring employee ownership (136 articles).
Other main themes in March: Angela Merkel's plan for employee ownership in Germany. Also some new serials in the USA: Trade unions are in favour of employee buyouts of Hoover - the vacuum cleaners (18 articles) and of 12 newspapers of the Knight Ridder Group (95 articles).
Below our selection of 12 themes (in France, Ireland, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, USA, Zimbabwe, Morocco) and our full press review. The full press review lists 1090 articles, on which 339 in the USA, 265 in France, 97 in Argentina, 61 in Spain, 43 in Germany and 41 in Austria, 34 in Ireland, 32 in Brazil, 28 in UK, 24 in Canada, 22 in Italy, 18 in India, 14 in South Africa, 12 in Australia, 8 in Venezuela, 7 in Colombia, 6 in Chile, 5 in Barbados, 4 in Ghana, 3 in New Zealand, 3 in Switzerland, 2 in The Netherlands, 2 in Zimbabwe, 2 in Japan, 2 in Jordan, 2 in Uruguay, 2 in Egypt, and 1 in Morocco, Turkey, Belgium, Peru, Cuba, Sri Lanka, China, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Jamaica and Malaysia.

The press review is available on:
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