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 We have a selection of 32 remarkable articles in 12 countries in May 2016: Canada, Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, India, Italy, Namibia, Philippines, Pakistan, UK, USA.
Canada: Beau’s Brewery is celebrating its tenth birthday by selling the company to its employees starting next month.
Denmark: Denmark introduces tax relief on employee share allocations and stock options, similarly to the previous employee incentive scheme that was abolished in 2011.
France: The benefits of employee share ownership. Workers' coops in France.
Hungary: Magyar Telekom launches employee share ownership programme.
Ireland: Ireland consults on taxation of employee share schemes.
India: Employee stock options in startups.
Italy: Intesa, UniCredit, Telecom Italia, Prysmian are the few Italian companies having a culture of  employee share plans.
Namibia: Standard Bank employees to own 10 percent of the bank.
Philippines: Employee ownership can be accomplished in a variety of ways.
Pakistan: Guidelines for structuring and offering employee stock option schemes in 2016.
UK: Failing employee-owned companies.
USA: A set of new ESOP companies. Why NCEO founder Corey Rosen urges you to consider selling your business to an ESOP.

  Une sélection de 32 articles remarquables dans 12 pays en mai 2016: Canada, Danemark, France, Grande Bretagne, Hongrie, Irlande, Inde, Italie, Namibie, Philippines, Pakistan, USA.
Canada: La Brasserie Beau vendue à ses salariés pour célèbre son 10ème.
Danemark: Réintroduction des incitants fiscaux qui avaient été supprimés en 2011.
France: Les avantages de l'actionnariat salarié. Les coopératives de salariés en France.
Hungary: Magyar Telekom lance un programme d'actionnariat salarié.
Irlande: Consultation sur la taxation des plans d'actionnariat salarié.
Inde: Les stock options dans les startups.
Italie: Intesa, UniCredit, Telecom Italia, Prysmian sont les quelques grandes entreprises italiennes qui poussent l'actionnariat salarié de manière constante.
Namibie: Les salariés de Standard Bank auront 10% de la banque.
Philippines: L'actionnariat salarié peut prendre toutes sortes de formes.
Pakistan: Règles directrices des plans de stock options en 2016.
UK: Faillites de sociétés contrôlées par l'actionnariat salarié.
USA: Une série de nouvelles entreprises sous plans d'actionnariat salarié ESOP. Pourquoi Corey Rosen, le fondateur du NCEO conseille de vendre votre entreprise à un ESOP.
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Abbiamo selezionato 32 articoli da 12 Stati nel Maggio 2016: Canada, Danimarca, Francia, Ungheria, Irlanda India, Italia, Namibia, Filippine, Pakistan, UK, USA.
Canada: la birreria Beau festeggia il decimo compleanno vendendo ai suoi dipendenti la proprietà.
Danimarca: La Danimarca reintroduce sgravi fiscali sull’assegnazione di azioni ai dipendenti e sulle stock options, ricalcando il preesistente schema di incentive ai dipendenti abolito nel 2011.
Francia: I lati positive dell’azionatiato dei dipendenti. Cooperative di lavoro in Francia.
Ungheria: Magyar Telekom lancia un programma di azionariato dei dipendenti.
Irlanda: consultazioni sulla fiscalità dei piani di azionariato.
India: Le stock options ai dipendenti nelle startups.
Italia: Intesa, UniCredit, Telecom Italia, Prysmian sono le poche Società quotate con piani di azionariato generalizzato.
Namibia: I dipendenti di Standard Bank arriveranno a possedere  il 10% della Banca.
Filippine: Varie modalità per il coinvolgimento proprietario dei dipendenti.
Pakistan: Linee guida per strutturare ed offrire stock options ai dipendenti nel 2016.
UK: Le Società possedute dai dipendenti che si trovano in cattive acque.
USA:Continuano a nascere società ESOP. Perché Corey Rosen, fondatore di NCEO, sollecita gli imprenditori a vendere l’attività a un ESOP.
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We have a selection of 32 remarkable articles in 12 countries in May 2016: Canada, Denmark, France, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Namibia, Philippines, Pakistan, UK, USA.

CA      1 - Canada's Beau's All Natural Brewing Announces Plan to Sell to Employees
             Brewbound.com - 17 May 2016
             The decision to establish an ESOP was also driven, in part, by a desire from some existing shareholders to exit the business, Beauchesne told ...
CA      2 - When you should let your employees own your company
             Yahoo Canada Finance - Insight (blog) - 19 May 2016
             “You're going to see increased engagement which results in increased productivity, profitability – happier employees and employee-owned ...
DA      3 - Denmark Introduces Tax Relief on Employee Stock Options
             Bloomberg BNA - 25 May 2016
             A new method of taxing employee share allocations and stock options was approved by Denmark's parliament May 12 and will take ...
FR      4 - Découvrez les avantages de l'actionnariat salarié - L'Express Votre ...
             lexpress.fr - 2 May 2016
             ... sous le nom d'actionnariat salarié. Voulu par le général de Gaulle dans une loi de 1966, c'est, explique Bruno Grange, administrateur salarié ...
FR      5 - La Fabrique du Sud, la crème des coopératives
             Le Monde - 5 May 2016
             Tous devenus décideurs, les salariés, actionnaires de leur société, s’accordent à dire que la SCOP est une entreprise comme les autres, avec ses qualités et ses défauts…
FR      6 - Travailler en SCOP, qu'est-ce que ça change pour le salarié ?
             Le Monde - 06 May 2016
             Comme toute entreprise, la société coopérative ouvrière et participative (SCOP) doit être rentable pour se développer et pérenniser ses projets. Elle se ...
FR      7 - Ghosn, Hermelin... Les rémunérations des patrons dans l'œil du cyclone
             Challenges.fr - 19 May 2016
             L'article 34, initialement prévu pour favoriser l'actionnariat salarié et les cadres salariés, a surtout profité aux dirigeants qui se sont vus attribuer de ...
HU      8 - Hungary Magyar Telekom launches employee share ownership programme
             portfolio.hu - 2 May 2016
             MTel said the its Board of Directors decided to launch a Remuneration Policy based employee share ownership program (ESOP) under which Magyar ...
IE      9 - Ireland Consults On Taxation Of Employee Share Schemes
             Tax-news.com - 23 May 2016
             ... share schemes, Approved Profit Sharing Schemes (APSS), Savings Related Share Option Schemes (SAYE), and Employee Share Ownership Trusts (ESOT).
IN      10 - Employee Stock Options In Startups: All You Need To Know
             Mondaq News Alerts (registration) - 5 May 2016
             Employee stock option plans (ESOPs) are being widely used by both public ... While startups use employee stock options in order to attract talent on ...
IT      11 - Telecom, Asati: dov'è la comunicazione aziendale per i dipendenti ...
             CorCom - 03 May 2016
             Vedi il prossimo Convegno, a Bruxelles, del 19 maggio organizzato dall'European Federetion of Employee Share Ownership. La mancanza di questa ...
IT      12 - Unicredit, Telecom, Prysmian. Chi premia di più dipendenti e manager
             Formiche.net - 30 May 2016
             Intesa, UniCredit, Telecom Italia, Prysmian. Sono le società italiane che con più frequenza attuano piani di incentivazione azionaria. Che cosa ...
NM      13 - Namibia: Standard Bank Employees to Own 10 Percent of the Bank
             AllAfrica.com - 26 May 2016
             ... a multi-million dollar facility to Purros Investments Pty Ltd, a special-purpose-vehicle created to support employee share ownership in Standard Bank Namibia.
PH      14 - Employee stock ownership plan – ready for wider adoption?
             The Manila Times - 24 May 2016
             Employee ownership can be accomplished in a variety of ways: employees can buy shares of stock directly from the company, receive stock options at ...
PK      15 - New draft rules for stock options: corporate response
             DAWN.com - 9 May 2016
             New draft rules for stock options: corporate response ... 'Guidelines for Structuring and Offering of Employees Stock Option Schemes 2016'. ... “Companies usually offer share options to the CEO, MD and couple of top executives, ...
UK      16 - Colchester Print Group closes its doors
             printweek.com - 12 May 2016
             Employee-owned Colchester Print Group has ceased to trade, blaming a market that "conspired against" dedicated staff. businsp-colchester-employee.
UK      17 - The Judge: Mill workers' union demand inquiry into controversy after claims of a cover-up
             Scottish Daily Record - 15 May 2016
             AXED staff want a probe into the events which led to the downfall of employee-owned Tullis Russell Papermakers in Markinch, Fife, last year.
US      18 - Will Chobani's big fat Greek giveaway to workers help its bottom line?
             Christian Science Monitor - 1 May 2016
             There are exceptions, however, and on a list of the largest 100 employee-owned companies released Aug. 2015, Publix supermarkets ranked first.
US      19 - Vantage LED Pays It Forward by Going ESOP
             Marketwired (press release) - 2 May 2016
             Vantage LED, manufacturer of innovative LED displays in Ontario, California recently announced that is has converted to an Employee Stock ...
US      20 - Baumgartners turn over Paper Machinery to surprised employees
             Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 2 May 2016
             The Donald and John Baumgartner families, owners of Paper Machinery Corp., stunned employees on Monday by handing over the 65-year-old ...
US      21 - Employee-owned businesses: ESOPs are no fable in the realm of employee proprietorship
              Columbus CEO - 2 May 2016
             The Mills James headquarters off Fishinger Boulevard in Columbus is buzzing with employees who seem intent on making the most of their day.
US      22 - Crystal Flash sold to employees through ESOP transaction
             MiBiz - 6 May 2016
             GRAND RAPIDS — Following a two-year preparation process, Crystal Flash has successfully transitioned to a 100-percent employee-owned ...
US      23 - Global Shares Client, DAI Wins Award for Unique Employee Ownership Initiative
             PR Newswire (press release) - 6 May 2016
             An employee-owned company from the beginning, DAI recently restructured the company's ownership model to accommodate its increasingly global ...
US      24 - Kent's Davey Tree grows again through acquisition
             Akron Beacon Journal (blog) - 9 May 2016
             30-plus employees will have the opportunity to become employee owners at Davey, one of the largest employee-owned companies in the United ...
US      25 - Why NCEO Founder Corey Rosen Urges You To Consider Selling Your Business To An ESOP
             Forbes - 11 May 2016
             As I transition this blog to focusing on the subject of employee-owned companies, it seems apt to begin by catching up with one its greatest ...
US      26 - Chobani joins employee-owned sphere
             Press & Sun-Bulletin - 12 May 2016
             Chenango County Greek yogurt maker Chobani got a lot of attention when founder Hamdi Ulukaya announced April 26 he's giving about 10 percent of ...
US      27 - 100-year-old Charlotte-area textile firm switches to employee ownership
             Charlotte Business Journal - 12 May 2016
             Yesterday, the Burke County decorative fabrics company became entirely employee owned. The company created an employee stock ownership plan ...
US      28 - More worker-owned businesses are sprouting
             USA Today - 13 May 2016
             A growing number of employers are devising an innovative remedy for wage stagnation and income inequality: turning their workers into owners…
US      29 - The Sweet Taste of Success
             packagePrinting (press release) - 17 May 2016
             Its status as an employee-owned company helps drive that culture. J. Anthony Hyland, president and CEO, explains that Tap established its Employee ...
US      30 - Employee Ownership for Voodoo Brewery
             PGH City Paper - 18 May 2016
             Voodoo Brewery is now one of the country's smallest employee-owned businesses. With nine years under its belt, Voodoo was one of the earlier craft ...
US      31 - Gershman on Happy Harry's employee ownership: 'They deserve it'
             Grand Forks Herald - 18 May 2016
             What Gershman was referring to was the establishment of an employee stock ownership plan, commonly known as an ESOP. The former Grand Forks ...
US      32 - CEOs with Lots of Stock Options Are More Likely to Break Laws
             Harvard Business Review - 26 May 2016
             Since a stock option will typically only provide a payoff if the company ... of equity compensation, which includes both stock options and stock awards.





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