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European Conference
European Parliament - Brussels
6 February 2019 - 9:00 -12:00
Employee Share Ownership - The European Policy

"Employee share ownership for all" - this is the goal of the European Policy for 30 years. Today we are 10 million employee shareholders in 95% of all European listed companies, 30 million voters including families. However we would need to multiply that number six-fold to be comparable with the USA.
The "missing link" in European policy is well known: A European Action Plan to raise awareness and information about the benefits of employee share ownership throughout Europe. It was requested by the European Council in 2000, announced by the Commission in 2002, prepared by a Pilot Project in 2014, the need was reaffirmed through the European Parliament's Resolution of 23 October 2018. It has still to be put in place.

The Conference is hosted thanks to Ms Renate Weber, Member of the European Parliament and her ALDE Group.

Please use this button for pre-registration. Given the limited number of places and for security reasons, the conference will be only by invitation.






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