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Manifesto for the 2009 European Parliament Elections
The Employee Ownership Manifesto presents 6 practical proposals to all candidates to the new European Parliament and to the European Commission. All interested people are invited to express their support and answer our questions. Knowing that the European Union doesn't have the necessary competency in the matter, most proposals are addressed to the states. All reactions are published on the dedicated website. We already received a number of interesting reactions from MEPs and others: Glenis Willmott, Stephen Hughes, Brian Simpson, Bernard Lehideux, Robert Goebbels, Frédéric Lefebvre and others. Detailed information

Economic Survey of Employee Ownership in European Countries in 2008
Assets held by employee owners fell to 240.2 billion Euro in 2008, compared to 283.3 billion in 2007, a serious decrease of 15.2%; however this was still quite more than the 206.2 billion in 2006. Employees share in companies capital stabilized on 2.63% in 2008, compared to 2.64% in 2007 and 2.32% in 2006. Europe had 9,1 million employee owners in 2008 compared to 8.5 million in 2007. This is a first information from the Survey of Employee Ownership 2008. The survey brings an exhaustive information about 2.533 European groups, gathering 259.000 companies and 32.4 million employees. See below a first graph showing that employee share plans continue to multiply among European companies. The full Annual Survey will be published on May 18, 2009, it is time for subscription! Subscription order (free for EFES members)

Eighth European Meeting of Employee Ownership
The Eighth European Meeting of Employee Ownership will be held in Egmont Palace, in the center of Brussels on May 18, 2009. Detailed information

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Press review
Much new information about employee ownership in January 2009, with 1.397 articles in this press review (on which 546 involving stock options and 219 about workers' cooperatives). We made a selection of  57 remarkable articles in 12 countries: Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Spain, UK, USA.
Canada: Repricing stock options or not? Answer could be positive or not. This is a discussion in Canadian press as in many other countries: India, USA, UK, etc.
Netherlands: Adjusting options is even a point in Government's new economic plan.
China: Government asks finance firms to suspend stock option incentives.
Germany: Finally they did !! The Bundestag voted the new legislation for the promotion of employee ownership on January 22. Detailed information
Spain: A new step forward for Mondragon Cooperative Group: Eroski (supermarkets) will change its statute from plc to cooperative.
France: New legislation in force on 1st of January. New successful employee share plans in large companies. Employee buyouts as workers' cooperatives and distressed companies. The French Asset Management Association presents its 10 priorities for 2009, including employee share ownership. EPSINEO rating prepares a new benchmark.
Ireland: Key position for the Employee Share Ownership Trust in Aer Lingus.
UK: Employee shareholders in the bank industry are the forgotten losers in the credit crisis, while FTSE 100 chiefs lose millions on company stakes. How battle its way through recession, pay cuts + stock options? – Workers of the world, unite to stave off job cuts? New serious debate (in USA as well).
USA: Is employee ownership still a good thing or just too risky? Which priorities for Obama? Study after study shows that employee-owned companies perform better than companies that are not. Widespread employee ownership will have a huge, positive impact. Employee-owned companies abound and become more prominent on Fortune Magazine's Top 100 List for 2009.

The press review is available on:

A political roadmap for employee ownership in Europe

  And the European Commission?...

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