Which are the good practices? Which models, which obstacles across Europe? Could it be more effective? A European Conference was held in Rome on September 16-17, 2010 with the support of the European Commission. This project was led by the Italian DirCredito, the EFES being a partner as well as many other organisations and companies across Europe. This contributes to open a new door for social dialogue and corporate governance items, giving employee owners the chance to improve their involvement in companies’ strategic decisions. Dedicated website  www.employeeshare.eu

15.12.2020: The 2020 Shareholder Meetings harmed Shareholder Rights and often severely (Better Finance)
15.12.2016: EU presidency and Parliament agree on the final version of the new Shareholders Rights Directive: Limited improvements
29.02.2012: In esito alla Consultazione sulle misure integrative e correttive del DLgs 27/1/2010 n. 27
26.08.2011: Answer to the consultation on the Green paper on the EU corporate governance framework

26.08.2011: DirCredito - Libro verde sul Governo di Impresa - Risposta alla Consultazione
07.06.2011: From Guido Antolini, Dircredito Project Manager
Dear Friends,
For all of you who participated to the project or attended to our Conference in Rome, let me give my warmest thank you.
As many among you already know, we agreed that it could be useful to disseminate the contents of our project as much as possible, by leaving on the Internet also the complete filings of the Conference, by text as well as on Audio Video uploaded on You Tube. This way those who could not attend may receive the same information, and feel the mood from this unique meeting.
Go on www.employeeshare.eu and surf! You can find and download also the "INCONTRI" special issue as well as the articles published by Italian Press.
Time flows: it has been very interesting to meet in Rome in September 2010 in order to exchange experiences, nine months later it could be even more interesting to listen again to our presentations and to the Round Table debate, keeping in mind the evolution of facts in this period.
A special thank to all of our speakers for giving the authorization to publish texts and Audio Video, thus making it possible to build this unique long time lasting file.
16.05.2011: L'exercice des droits de vote de l'actionnariat salarié en France - Questions aux assemblées 2011
23.02.2011: Ordonnance de transposition de la Directive Droits des Actionnaires en France
18.02.2011: A significant step forward for employee shareholders' rights in France
29.01.2011: France - Propositions de la FAS en matière de Droits des Actionnaires (2.10.2009)
07.09.2010: Esercitare i diritti degli Azionisti dipendenti (32 pages in English and Italian)
10.08.2010: Milano Finanza: A settembre il Convegno Europeo DirCredito in Roma sui diritti degli azionisti dipendenti
18.06.2010: Le Centre d'Analyse Stratégique du Gouvernement français a publié son rapport "Améliorer la gouvernance d’entreprise et la participation des salariés" Télécharger le rapport complet
14.06.2010: Un "cavalier" inconstitutionnel en France - à propos de la transposition de la Directive Droit des Actionnaires
10.06.2010: France - Projet d'Ordonnance sur la Directive droits des actionnaires - Les avis au 7.6.2010
25.05.2010: Transparence et actionnariat salarié chez Total
14.05.2010: Commentaires sur les projets de transposition en France de la Directive 2007/36/CE sur les droits des actionnaires
11.03.2010: Incroyable intimidation de Total contre ses actionnaires salariés - l'avis de Proxinvest
08.03.2010: Élection de l'administrateur Air France-KLM représentant les salariés actionnaires
04.12.2009: "Employee financial participation for corporate governance and social dialogue" - the new trade union vision and strategy about employee share ownership, Report by SindNova, Italian trade union confederation CISL, including a set of good company case studies (John Lewis Partnership, IsBank, Banca Popolare di Milano, Handelsbanken, Dexia, Total, AerLingus, Kardemir, Tullis Russell, Saf Tehnika, Eircom, Enel)
03.12.2009: Conflict about employee shareholders' representation at French group Total










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