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 First ESOP/EOT-style business transfer to employees
 in Ireland

After Great Britain, after Germany, here is a third European country. A first ESOP/EOT-style business transfer is reported in Ireland.

The ESOP mechanism has since 1974 been used extensively in the USA. In 2014, the UK introduced the EOT mechanism, a kind of simplified ESOP.

These collective employee ownership mechanisms enable the ownership of a company to be sold to employees without them having to pay a cent out of their own pockets.

Now Ireland has followed suit: Wolfgang Digital has become the first Irish-owned company to transition to employee ownership via an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

Wolfgang Digital marketing company was founded by Alan Coleman in 2007 and employs 70 staff today.

The "Wolfgang Talent Trust" has acquired 25% of the shares in Wolfgang Digital and all employees who have been working for the agency for more than 12 months have become “partners” in the Trust. This will allow them have a say in how the agency is run while also giving them a share of profits every three months. In addition, a portion of profits each year will be used to fund future share purchases by the trust which, all going according to plan, will become the majority owner within 10 years.

Each team within the business has elected a representative who can bring their insights and ideas to any decision-maker within Wolfgang Digital. The employee representatives will elect trust board members from among them who will be the ultimate decision-makers on behalf of the trust.

More information about Wolfgang Digital and the new Wolfgang Talent Trust

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