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 First ESOP/EOT-style business transfer to employees
 in Germany

The first ESOP/EOT-style business transfer to employees has been reported in Germany.

The ESOP mechanism has since 1974 been used extensively in the USA. In 2014, the UK introduced the EOT mechanism, a kind of simplified ESOP. These mechanisms enable the ownership of a company to be sold to employees without them having to pay a penny out of their own pockets.


Now Germany has followed suit:

Klaus Eberhardt and Marke Goerke founded the IT company Iteratec in 1996. In 2018, the founders announced that they were retiring. At the time, the company employed almost 400 people and had an equity of close to €10 million.
The founders proposed creating a holding company that in turn would own the company on behalf of all the employees. The cooperative company Iteratec-Nurdemteam was set up for this purpose in 2018. The cooperative's name reflected the founders' desire to sell their company "only to the team" of employees (in German "nur dem Team").
In 2019, the founders sold a first 49% stake in the company to the employees' holding company. They provided the necessary financing to do this. The loan will then be paid back over the subsequent years through the cooperative's 49% share of the company's profits.
In 2024, we are preparing to sell the remaining 51% of the company to the holding company, just as we did with the first tranche. The ultimate aim is to complete the sale to employees by 2027.

In conclusion, the stages observed at Iteratec are very similar to those that characterise the ESOP/EOT mechanisms that are becoming common worldwide.

We can do that here too!

See Iteratec and Iteratec-Nurdemteam for more information

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