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 Number One

In just a few years, Great Britain has established itself as Number One in Europe for employee ownership in SMEs.

In 2023, 410 businesses were transferred to employees. More than one SME every day, - 620 companies if we include subsidiaries.

Thus for seventeen business transmissions, one was to employees. A year ago, it was still only one in twenty. The ratio of one in ten is now on the horizon.

At the origins of this success, the introduction of the Employee Ownership Trust scheme in 2014.

An employee ownership scheme which allows employees to buy their company as a collective.
In this way, no British employee had to invest their own financial means, their savings. No financial risk for employees.

On average, the value of each business transmission in 2023 amounted to 3.8 million Euros and the number of employees to 83, or nearly 50,000 per person.

It is clear that individual employee share ownership is not within reach of such amounts.

Press review
A selection of 24 remarkable articles in 8 countries in February 2024: Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, France, India, Slovenia, UK, USA.
Canada: The new Employee Ownership Trust scheme is in force since January 1st to promote business succession plans for SMEs.
Czechia: Czechia: Intense lobbying for stock options in startups - new legislation does not meet expectations.
Germany: Viadee is an example of business transmission to employees in a German SME.
France: New employee share plan for Carbios.
India: This is called an ESOP plan in India.
Slovenia: The campaign for stock options in startups also in Slovenia.
UK: Thanks to the Employee Ownership Trust scheme, every day a new SME is transferred to employees. This month, among others, the case of: Livingston James Recruitment, Key Production Music, Prima Bakeries, Blue Flame Energy, Purplefish PR, Genesis Clothing, Lingfield Equine Vets, Port-P IT solutions. John Lewis Partnership ahead of mass job cuts.
USA: Teamshares finances business transmission to employees. Crossplane Capital is another new private equity partner for business transmission to employees. Common Trust is a new platform for business transmission through Employee Ownership Trusts.

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