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 Employee Ownership Knowledge Programme 2023

What is the impact of employee ownership on behaviors and on corporate performance?
It is still not so easy to get reliable information about this.
Until recently, American research was the main provider. This was because the United States was the only place in the world where one could find thousands of employee owned SMEs (ESOP companies), so econometric methods could be used effectively to compare representative samples of employee owned and non-employee owned companies.
Now, with the explosive growth of the number of employee owned SMEs in the UK since the introduction of the EOT scheme, things are changing.
For the first time, such a comparison of representative samples of employee owned and non-employee owned businesses has also been organized in the UK, bringing together numerous facts, numbers and estimates.
The findings of the new "Employee Ownership Knowledge Programme" are presented in two reports: The Conclusion Report and the Detailed Report

Press review
We have a selection of 30 remarkable articles in 9 countries in October 2023: Canada, Czechia, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Slovenia, United Kingdom, USA.
Canada: The apocalypse will not happen.
Czechia: Towards tax incentives for employee share plans.
Germany: The full range of employee participation schemes in Germany.
France: The amounts of employee savings in France. Employee share ownership is slowly growing in large non-listed companies. New employee share plans for Stellantis and Vallourec. Business transfer through workers' cooperative in Landerneau.
Italy: Employee ownership in Great Britain.
Sweden: The still burning memory of employee savings funds managed by unions.
Slovenia: Apocalyse now.
UK: Thanks to the Employee Ownership Trust scheme, every day a new SME is transferred to employees. This month, among others, the case of: Churchill Group, St Albans Nursery, Zoonou, VMA Recruitment, MTW Architectural, Griffiths Waite, Suite TV, Workspace Design and Build. Stories about how transitioning to employee ownership.
USA: Why aren't there more ESOP companies?

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