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 Corporate Social Responsibility

A new survey in the US found that workers at private businesses owned by employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) place a higher priority on their companies' commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility than employees at non-ESOP companies.

The survey also found that employee-owned companies are more likely to deliver on those expectations, with workers in ESOP companies giving their employers higher marks than their peers at non-ESOP companies for community investment, volunteering, economic opportunity, and social justice.

At the same time in Poland, the annual report of the Responsible Business Forum singles out Ang Group for its best practices. The Ang Group is the only credit and insurance intermediary operating on the basis of employee ownership in Poland.

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Press review
We have a selection of 33 remarkable articles in 8 countries in May 2022: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, UK, USA.
Canada: The federal government will  amend the Income Tax Act to create an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), following similar reforms in the United States and Britain.
France: Caption is an exchange platform for shares of SMEs and startups. New employee share plans for Kering, for Sopra Steria, for EDF, for Société Générale, for L'Oréal. Employee ownership is progressing with difficulty in SMEs. A shareholding foundation for the SME Adam. Business transmission through a workers' coop for Enzo & Rosso Architects.
Germany: The Herend Porcelain Manufactory is still a good example of employee ownership in Central Europe.
Italy: Italian vision of employee ownership.
Norway: New employee share plan for Haugesund Sparebank.
Poland: Ang Group is an example of a credit and insurance intermediary operating on the basis of employee ownership.
UK: Every day a new SME is transferred to employees, as for instance this month: Educ8 Training, Vet Dynamics, Handy Brand, Lyon Equipment, LHi Group, Chandley Ovens. Why employee ownership is on the increase in SMEs? Look for the error: 239 transmissions per year in the form of ESOPs in the US, 285 in the form of Employee Ownership Trusts in Great Britain.
USA: Wall Street agrees that employee ownership works. Employee ownership surging in interest in the architecture community. Stock Option Plan administration software market in 2022. New survey: Employee-owned businesses score higher on Corporate Social Responsibility.

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