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Private-Equity giants back employee ownership
Business transmission to employees has proven itself for a long time in the USA with the ESOP model. Then with the Employee Ownership Trust in Great Britain, and now also in Australia, and very soon in Canada and all over Europe.
So it is practiced, it can be seen, it can be measured, employee ownership is the opportunity to energize SMEs.
The "Ownership Works" consortium is a coalition of leading banking groups, pension funds, financial investors and others. It has just been set up to support this development in the United States, as the centerpiece of an ESG strategy for 2030. More information

Press review
We have a selection of 32 remarkable articles in 10 countries in April 2022: Belgium, Canada, Czechia, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, UK, USA, South Africa.
Belgium: Managers own more shares than employees.
Canada: In its recent budget, the federal government says it will  amend the Income Tax Act to create an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), following similar reforms in the United States and Britain.
Czechia: The new 2021 Census reveals a mixed picture of European employee share ownership.
Finland: Neste Group's personnel fund placed in secrecy.
France: New employee share plan for Nexans.
Italy: New employee share plans for Korian, for Intesa Sanpaolo.
Netherlands: According to CNV Union, it is time for employee share ownership also in The Netherlands.
UK: Every day a new SME is transferred to employees, as for instance this month: IFSE Group, Broadriver, Educ8 Training, Quod Planning, Melin Tregwynt, Robertson Bell, Protech, Nixon Design. The Pros & Cons of Employee Ownership Trusts.
USA: Study: Employee-owned businesses fared better in pandemic. New analysis by Ernst & Young finds that employee-owners of ESOP companies benefit from far better retirement savings and job security compared with other U.S. workers. Private-Equity giants back new nonprofit promoting employee ownership.
South Africa: South Africa needs deep engagement on employee ownership policy framework.

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