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 Employee ownership driving Scottish economic recovery

By 2030, the Scottish Government hopes the country will be home to 500 employee-owned companies, compared to just over 100 having switched to Employee Ownership Trusts currently. Tens of thousands of new employee owners.

They are witnessing a real awakening as to the benefits that businesses becoming owned by their staff brings, not just personally but for the fact that it locks jobs, wealth and talent in Scotland. Employee ownership’s part in the long-term recovery from the coronavirus pandemic cannot be overlooked.

Transitioning to employee ownership is typically done by entrepreneurs or family-owned businesses as part of their succession plans.

What are the benefits for sellers? What are the benefits for employees?

Let's see the facts: In our press review, a dozen real cases and testimonies this summer in the British press.

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Press review
We have a selection of 35 remarkable articles in 9 countries in July and August 2021: Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, Hungary, UK, USA, South Africa.
Australia: New Employee Ownership Trust model lands in Australia.
Belgium: Employee share ownership responds to a threefold problem: justice, purchasing power, pensions.
Switzerland: More and more employees are participating in their employer's company.
France: Panorama ERES: Employee share ownership in the SBF120 is resisting the 2020 crisis.
First employee share plan for Rémy Cointreau. The shareholder foundation model is spreading in France. Strong performance of employee share ownership in non-listed companies.
Germany: The new legislation for employee share ownership came into force on July 1, with the tax-exempt threshold of EUR 360 increased to EUR 1,440 annually.
Hungary: New legislation was voted in June.
UK: Every day a new SME is transferred to an Employee Ownership Trust. Interest in employee ownership hit record highs during the pandemic. Employee ownership driving Scottish economic recovery.
USA: The Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is becoming increasingly popular this year.
South Africa: Successful employee ownership for Arnot Mine.

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