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 Meld Studios  -  Australia’s first company
                            to become Employee-Owned by Trust

We have a new ownership structure!

After a year-long journey of influencing Australian legislation, we’re excited to officially transition to being Employee-Owned by Trust.
This is a huge milestone in Meld’s story, and in Australia’s company ownership story.

What does Employee Owned by Trust mean?

Technically, an Employee Owned Trust or EOT is: 
A trust established by a company to hold equity on behalf of its employees, with usually all – or at least a majority – of the shares being held by the trust.

Practically, being an EOT means that:

·  Over time we transition shares from our three founders (owners) to the Meld EOT
·  All permanent employees are beneficiaries of this Trust
·  As a beneficiary, every Meldster has indirect ownership of Meld
·  Every Meldster wears two hats: practitioner and business owner
·  Every Meldster has a direct say in the direction of the company through established engagement structures
·  Every Meldster gets the benefit of equal profit distribution due to our collective efforts.

All the story

Press review
We have a selection of 26 remarkable articles in 8 countries in June 2021: Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, UK, USA, Vietnam.
Belgium: Employees hold 3% of the capital of all large European companies.
Finland: New Personnel Fund for Admicom Corporation.
France: Panorama ERES: Employee share ownership in the SBF120 is resisting the 2020 crisis. New employee share plans for Sanofi, for Rémy Cointreau, for Ubisoft, for Blablacar.
Germany: The new legislation for employee share ownership comes into force on July 1.
Spain: Fifty years of history of Spanish sociedades laborales - the memoirs of Jostexo Hernández.
UK: Every day a new SME is transferred to an Employee Ownership Trust.
USA: Blasi & Kruse - Race and Gender Wealth Equity and the Role of Employee Share Ownership. The ESOP Revolution: Fighting financial inequality and empowering the working class. New survey: Workers at employee-owned businesses faced fewer economic hardships.
Vietnam: Employee share plans for multinationals in Vietnam.

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