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What about you?

Many Members of the European Parliament and candidates support our Manifesto for the European Election. See all reactions here.

What about you and your candidates in your country?

The Manifesto promotes the proposal of a European Action Plan to improve information and awareness about the benefits of employee share ownership all over Europe.

See the Manifesto. It is available in many European languages.


Conference in the European Parliament

Splendid conference on 6 February in Brussels about "Employee Share Ownership - The European Policy", with a series of presentations about examples of best practices (voestalpine, Saint-Gobain, Siemens and others).

See all information here, including all presentations and the video message from European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel about the need to promote employee share ownership in startups.

Press review
We have a selection of 26 remarkable articles in 7 countries in January 2019: France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, USA.
France: Eres Group evidences the raising dynamics of employee share ownership in listed companies: Today, employee share ownership represents a gold mine for listed companies in France. The impact of the coming "Pacte Law" on employee share ownership. A dedicated investment fund for business transmission through workers' cooperatives.
Germany: Germany needs a shareholding culture, employee share ownership could be an entry.
Japan: Japan looks to allow wider use of stock options by startups.
South Africa: The ANC's election manifesto endorses employee share ownership.
Spain: New employee share plan for Repsol.
UK: Brexit threats on employee share plans in the UK and Ireland. New firms sold to Employee Ownership Trusts. John Lewis Partnership workers count the cost of the retail crisis.
USA: European startups are lobbying to consider reforms to the rules governing employee share ownership in Europe, so they can attract better talent and compete with Silicon Valley. Support for employee ownership climbs nationally. Women hold onto their stock options longer than men. Employee-owned businesses tend to outperform their competitors, a growing body of research shows. Survey shows ESOP workers have higher retirement savings. The bizarre case of a massive employee-ownership flop.

The full press review is available on:

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A political roadmap for employee ownership in Europe

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