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Employee share ownership impacts top executives compensation

A research project at the University of Aix-Marseilles in France highlights the impact of employee share ownership on the level of compensation of top executives in listed companies.
Employee share ownership affects the organization of work, policies and management practices, leading ultimately to an impact on corporate performance.
The results of the study show that employee share ownership  plays a direct and indirect role on the determinants of executive compensation, with a significant moderating impact.
In addition, the presence of employee shareholders directors on the Board of Directors tends to limit executive compensation.
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Press review
We have a selection of 30 remarkable articles in 6 countries in September 2019: Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA.
Belgium: More and more employees in Europe benefit from employee share ownership.
Croatia: The assembly of Kraš-ESOP - the Employee Stock Ownership Plan at the Kraš confectioner  voted against merger with the Braća Pivac meat industry group.
France: Eres Group annual survey. Employee share ownership is increasing in France. New employee share plans for Elis, for Capgemini, for Spie, for Veolia, for Voltalia. Employee share ownership in SMEs in France: Business transmission through a workers cooperative for Delta Meca in Nantes, while 65% of employees make employee share ownership successful in Delta Dore in Saint-Malo.
Germany: According to Die Welt, the involvement of employees in their own company is underdeveloped in Germany - a missed opportunity. The Association of German Managers, in a position paper for the government-appointed Pension Commission, supports the idea of extending employee share ownership in view of closing the looming pension gap.
UK: Some new firms moving to the Employee Ownership Trust scheme. Why you should worry about  the future of John Lewis.
USA: Numerous new companies moving to employee ownership through ESOP plans. New Employee Ownership Center for North Carolina. The employee stock ownership quiz.

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