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Barometer of employee share ownership policies in European countries

20 European countries now have policies for the promotion and the development of employee share ownership, against 18 in 2017 and 15 in 2015. This is driving our barometer to its all-time high.
Austria, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, they all introduced new pieces of incentive legislation this year. In addition, France - already number one for employee share ownership in Europe - took the decision to double its employee share ownership by 2030, which would put it at the level reached today by the USA. An important signal for all Europeans.           
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US Federal Reserve Bank on employee ownership

In an ongoing series of articles on the quality of work, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston published a long article on employee ownership, showing how improved employee engagement benefits companies, workers, and local economies.

The article includes an interview with Douglas Kruse of Rutgers University that covers the background and latest research results about employee ownership and ESOPs, plus an interview with several employee-owners of Cape Air, including a video about employee ownership at the company.
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Press review

We have a selection of 35 remarkable articles in 11 countries in May 2018: Austria, Canada, Czechia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, UK, USA.
Austria: Growing interest for employee share ownership, particularly through employee ownership foundations.
Canada: As an employee shareholder, how should you manage your shares and stock options?
France: First employee share plan for L'Oréal. New employee share plans for Valeo, for Crédit Agricole, for Eiffage, for Ipsen, for Ubisoft, for SPIE.
Germany: Shareholders facing the "Volkswagen System".
Spain: New employee share plan for Amadeus.
Hungary: The new legislation of 2015 helped to revive employee share ownership in Hungary.
Italy: New employee shareholders association for Banca di San Marino.
Poland: Employee share ownership in the era of robotization.
UK: When a business becomes employee-owned, its shareholders usually sell their shares to an Employee Ownership Trust, which holds them on behalf of the employees.
USA: Study: In companies with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), the average worker has accumulated $134,000 in wealth from his or her stake, according to new research by professors Joseph Blasi and Douglas Kruse. How risky are incentive stock options? Federal Reserve Bank of Boston publishes on employee ownership. A study finds that participants in employee stock ownership plans fare far better compared to other young workers.

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