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 Employee representation on Boards

Employee representation on boards is usual in many large European companies, either in Boards of Directors or in Supervisory Boards.

Employee representation on boards is highly sophisticated in France. Altogether employee representatives are present on boards covering 66% of employment in large French companies.

This is through unions or workers councils for 59% and it is for 32% through employee shareholders representatives (while both unions or workers councils and employee shareholders are present in 25% of cases). More


 World's First Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership

Rutgers School of Management (New York) launches the world's first academic "Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing". The new global research hub will be dedicated to addressing economic inequality through capital shares. It will expand the existing research programs, develop promising scholars worldwide, and explore new collaborations, with the goal of building a more inclusive economy for workers and their families. More

Press review
We have a selection of 36 remarkable articles in 7 countries in March 2018: Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, Spain, USA.
Belgium: Strong decline in the number of employee shareholders in Belgium.
France: First electronic edition of the annual "Employee Shareholder Guide". New employee share plan for Schneider Electric, for Arkema. Good and bad days for workers cooperatives in France. Participative management contributes to better public health at lower costs. Essilor: Workers shareholders want to be represented on the Board of Directors.
Italy: Employee shareholders association face complex changes at Italiaonline and Telecom Italia.
Japan: Bandai Namco promotes employee share ownership.
Poland: Gazolina has been a pioneer of employee share ownership in Poland. This is where French General de Gaulle found his inspiration.
Spain: New employee share plan for Gas Natural. Business creation in Murcia Region in 2017.
USA: Rutgers School of Management launches the world's first academic "Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing". A recent survey shows most employees (76%) have never exercised their stock options or sold shares that are part of their equity compensation. What is an ESOP? The new Omnibus Bill adds strong public support for ESOPs companies. Numerous new firms turning to ESOPs.

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