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European Parliament - Brussels
European Conference
6 February 2019 - 9:00 -12:00

Employee Share Ownership - The European Policy

"Employee share ownership for all" - this is the goal of the European Policy for 30 years. Today we are 10 million employee shareholders in 95% of all European listed companies, 30 million voters including families. However we would be six times more to be comparable with the USA. A European Action Plan was requested by the European Council in 2000, it was announced by the Commission in 2002, it was prepared by a Pilot Project in 2014 , the need was reaffirmed through the European Parliament's Resolution of 23 October 2018 and it has now to be implemented.

Please use this button for pre-registration. Given the limited number of places and for security reasons, the conference will be only by invitation.

European Parliament's Vote
The Parliament passed its Resolution by an overwhelming majority on 23 October in Strasbourg (589 for, 39 against and 10 abstentions). This is thanks to the Report due to Ms Renate Weber, Romanian Member of the European Parliament (MEP), reiterating the Parliament's support to the goal of "employee share ownership for all" and the need for a European Action Plan.
Amongst all benefits, the Report particularly highlights the positive effect of employee share ownership on growth and employment.
Together with other MEPs, candidates to the 2019 Election and European Commissioners, Ms Renate Weber will conclude the Conference of 6 February in Brussels.
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Press review
We have a selection of 25 remarkable articles in 8 countries in October 2018: France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Poland, UK, USA.
France: New employee share plan for Bouygues, for Air Liquide. Each of all 11 million employees held 12.000 Euro through employee savings plans in 2017, on which 38% through employee share ownership plans. The new "PACTE" Law is expected to boost employee share ownership in France.
Germany: New dedicated holding company for the 120 employees of DoubleSlash. 300.000 employee shareholders for Siemens.
Hungary: The new legislation of 2015 helps to revive employee share ownership in Hungary.
Italy: Free shares for all employees at Erg Company.
Morocco: New employee share plan for CBI, for AXA.
Poland: Gazolina Company pioneered employee share ownership in Poland.
UK: The Scottish Government recently announced a plan to make Scotland the "best country in the world for employee-owned businesses". Labour Party plans on employee share ownership are misguided. New small companies turning to the Employee Ownership Trust scheme.
USA: 2018 Economic Performance Survey signals higher profits for ESOP Companies; at the same time, 75% of employee-owned companies increased wages at or above the national average of 2.7%. New companies sold to employees through ESOPs.

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