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  Is employee ownership contributing to China's stock market rally?

This is the question posed by the National Center for Employee Ownership in its last edition.

As stocks on the Shanghai rose to a 20-month high, analysts cited China's ownership reforms as contributing to investor confidence.

As quoted in China Daily, Gao Ting, head of China strategy at UBS Securities, cited reforms by China Unicom, the country's second-largest mobile phone provider, which include a diversified board of directors and employee ownership. Investor sentiment was boosted by signs of accelerated ownership reforms at State-owned enterprises.

Press review

We have a selection of 28 remarkable articles in 6 countries in July and August 2017: Australia, Austria, China, France, UK, USA.
Australia: Sydney engineering company C-MAC Industries went through succession process to become one of the country’s first worker co-ops.
Austria: Max Stelzer was the successful organizer of employee ownership at Voestalpine, with 22.000 employees holding 14.5%. Max is the new HR Manager of the whole Group.
China: Is employee ownership contributing to China's stock market rally?
France: Employees of GA Group hold now 60% of the company. New employee share plan for Nexity, for Axa. Acome is the largest and oldest workers cooperative in France. Employee savings would be exempted from the coming new flat-tax on savings income.
UK: An Employee Ownership Trust can be highly tax efficient and can provide a way for a majority shareholder to sell a controlling interest in the company without incurring capital gains tax. New website created to raise awareness of employee ownership as a business option.
USA:  Multiple new firms turning to ESOPs. The famous empoyee-owned CH2M company in talks to be bought by Texas firm. ESOPs still a significant share of retirement plans - since 2010, an average of 229 new ESOPs have been created each year.

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