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Pivotal Part

Employee share ownership should be a pivotal part of the Capital Markets Union, - this is the position  of the German Share Institute (Deutsches Aktieninstitut - DAI), responding to the public consultation organized by the European Commission. The Capital Markets Union (CMU) is a plan of the European Commission to mobilize capital in Europe. "Employee share ownership helps to stabilize the European economy as a whole" tells the DAI. "Studies from the US clearly show that companies offering their employees a stake of the business capital create more jobs than companies that do not have the same instruments in place. Employee shareholders accumulate more assets for retirement purposes, get better wages and are less likely to become unemployed compared to other employees.

As income of private households currently depends highly on wages, employee shareowners benefit from raising capital incomes, which decreases wealth inequality in the society." More information

Need for a European Action Plan

In its response to the public consultation on the Capital Markets Union, the European Federation of Employee Share Ownership points out the fact that the EU is strongly underdeveloped compared to the US considering employee share ownership, which contributes much more to the solidity and to the stability of capital markets in the US than it does in Europe. The underdevelopment of employee share ownership hampers also Europe in terms of productivity, growth, job creation, as well as in the fields of pensions or business transmission, especially considering SMEs.

The CMU Action Plan should face this through two new measures: First, a dedicated European Action Plan should be set up to promote European convergence in this field. Secondly, the ignorance of the ESOP scheme is a dramatic handicap for Europe, leading to the fact that employee ownership in SMEs is practically unknown in Europe compared to the US. The CMU Action Plan should remedy this. More information

Press review
We have a selection of 29 remarkable articles in 8 countries in March 2017: Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, UK, USA.
Austria: New capital increase for Voestalpine employees.
Europe: Annual Economic Survey of Employee Share Ownership in European Countries in 2016. French socialist Members of the European Parilament calling for support for employee share ownership.
Finland: New employee share plan for Solteq.
France: Big change for Orange: For the first time, employee shareholders' representatives to be (partly) elected, - and the employee shareholders association won the election. New employee share plans for Schneider Electric, for Sopra Steria, for Total. Employees become majority shareholders of GA Group. New stories from workers cooperatives.
Germany: Employee share ownership is growing in Europe.
Italy: Employee ownership in European countries.
Poland: Why employee share ownership has to be promoted in Poland.
UK:  New firm turning to the Employee Ownership Trust scheme.
USA: Why business owners should consider ESOPs when exiting their business.

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