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  A big idea for tax reforms

It's time to expand the opportunity of the working middle class to participate in broad-based share plans.

Corporate tax reform that assures that middle class employees get a fair shake is the American way to go. Congress is at present considering about a half dozen employee ownership bills, all of which have components that could make the economy work better and more fairly.

Our key message is that whatever it does, Congress should make any tax reductions for corporations conditional on sharing the benefits with workers.

This is the repeated call from Professors Joseph Blasi, Douglas Kruse and Richard Freeman, world renowned for their research works on employee ownership. More

Press review
We have a selection of 30 remarkable articles in 6 countries in September 2017: France, Germany, India, Poland, UK, USA.
France: Eres Group annual survey of employee ownership in France and in Europe: France still number one for employee share ownership in Europe but declining. Democratization rate of employee ownership at its lowest of last ten years. In the long run, equities are undoubtedly the most profitable investment; this is all the more true for employee share ownership. New employee share plan for Vallourec, for Suez, for Peugeot, for Cap Gemini. Only 20% of business transfers to employees in France concern healthy businesses. The 500 employees hold 34% of Serap Group since management/employee buyout in 1989.
Germany: Which place for employee share ownersship in Germany after federal election?
India: The finance ministry has finally given its consent to adopt ESOPs for employees of public sector banks.
Poland: On the road to legislation for employee ownership in Poland.
UK: New research has shown that employee-owned business are deemed more reliable and principled than others. Pre-tax profits down 53% at worker-owned John Lewis.
USA:  The 15 employee shareholders of Cincinnati's largest investment advisory firm sold the company to a newly created employee stock ownership plan. Senator Baldwin is introducing a bill designed to boost the number of employee-owned companies in America.

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A political roadmap for employee ownership in Europe

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