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Employee share ownership in SMEs

A first reliable study about employee share ownership in French SMEs was published last month. It is well known that employee share ownership in SMEs is underdeveloped in Europe, especially compared to the USA. This is due to the remarkable effectiveness of the ESOP model, in use in the USA for over 40  years, but not in Europe. The usual evaluation of the number of employee shareholders in SMEs is 1 million in Europe compared to 10 million in the US. The new study, ordered by Eres and BDO, brings the number of 250.000 in France, which confirms the former usual evaluations. More information
Press review
We have a selection of 35 remarkable articles in 8 countries in March 2016: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Poland, UK, USA.
Canada: Does stock-option taxation need a rethink? The Canadian Government drops its plan to increase taxes on stock options.
Germany: The famous magazine "Der Spiegel" is majority employee-owned for over 40 years.
France: Employee shareholders declined in numbers in France and in continental Europe but employee savings were never so high. New employee share plans for Schneider Electric, for Orange, for Air Liquide, for Sopra Steria. 51% of French workers' co-operatives are based on business transmission. First reliable study about employee share ownership in French SMEs.
Italy: Parmalat and Prysmian give signals for employee share ownership in Italy.
Morocco: First employee share plan for Airbus in Morocco.
Poland: Minister Morawiecki and the new Polish Government release the long term development plan for Poland, based on 5 points, including employee share ownership.
UK: Bonuses for employee owners.
USA: A set of new ESOP companies. Employee ownership in the presidential race. The lower unemployment costs of ESOPs saved the federal government $13.7 billion in 2010 and $8.1 billion in non recession years in unemployment costs and foregone taxes.

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A political roadmap for employee ownership in Europe

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