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French crusade
All actors of employee share ownership in France met for their "Grand Prix" on 15 December in Paris. They all agreed to launch a new "crusade" for employee share ownership in France. Several governments in the European Union chose for higher fiscal incentives, considering employee share ownership as an investment for the future and a key for recovering from the European crisis. So did the UK and Austria recently. The example is also coming from the USA, with employee ownership being one of the themes of the presidential election campaign. France should get back to the same way.

Formidable engine
Assets held by the employee owners in Europe were never so high: 370 billion Euro and more than 3% of the capital of all large European companies in 2015. This is more than 45,000 € per person  (more than 25,000 € if executive directors are excluded). Thus, even through the European crisis, employee share ownership is a formidable engine to share in results and growth, - assets per person have more than doubled since 2009. This is the first indication from the next "Economic Survey of Employee Share Ownership in European Countries" to be published in March 2016. More information

Press review
We have a selection of 29 remarkable articles in 8 countries in December 2015: France, Germany, India, Italy, South Korea, Spain, UK, USA.
France: The "Grand Prix" of employee share ownership was celebrated on December 15. New employee share plans for Amundi, Worldline, Spie, Vallourec, Veolia, Technip. Chèque Déjeuner and SNA are two major workers' cooperatives in France.
Germany: Difficult situation for employee owners of Der Spiegel. New calls for policy support to employee share ownership in Germany.
India: Tax exemptions proposed on stock options given to employees by startups and on capital gains made from investing in new ventures.
Italy: Bad situation for employee shareholders in Banca Etruria.
South Korea: New employee share plan for Hotel Lotte.
Spain: Much awaited from the new law on employee-owned and participative companies.
UK: Woollard & Henry and Quintessa are two prominent employee-owned companies.
USA: The Rise of the Worker-Owned Business.

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