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German politics finally needs to act
Attention has to be drawn to the recent call published by the German Share Institute (Deutsches Aktieninstitut). Whereas in other European countries like France (3.3 million employee shareholders) and Great Britain (2.2 million) the numbers of employee shareholders are counted in millions, in Germany only 800.000 employees benefit from employee share ownership.
In its call Deutsches Aktieninstitut therefore demands of the governmental parties to finally create higher tax incentives and better regulation to promote employee share ownership. Due to continuing low interest rates Germans will neither be able to maintain their savings nor obtain a sufficient amount of money for their retirement arrangements without more share investment.

Employee share ownership is a good way to get a first insight into saving with shares. However, the number of employee shareholders is declining in Germany. In fact, it has never been so small. Fiscal aspects play a major role for the dissemination of employee share ownership. If Germany really wants to promote employee share ownership, it needs to adapt its allowances to common international levels and to increase it strongly. More information

Call from 10 major German organizations
Ten major German organizations call for a new German Agenda for employee share ownership. More information

Press review
We have a selection of 32 remarkable articles in 8 countries in May 2015: China, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Spain, UK, USA.
China: All over China, companies across most sectors implement management and employee ownership initiatives.
France: Annual surveys about employee share ownership in France and in Europe: EFES, Eres, Assembly. Employee ownership buy-out for La Redoute. New employee share plan for Ingenico.
Germany: German politics finally needs to act.
Italy: New plans for Fiat Chrysler do not involve employee share ownership. New employee share plan for Luxottica.
South Africa: Reversal: Government finally decides not to reduce incentives for broad-based ownership.
Spain: New employee share plan for Telefonica.
UK: Tullis Russel collapse; the company was Scotland's largest employee-owned business. Grant Thornton and Laurus Development to become employee-owned.
USA: ESOP fables: Reviewing the myths and facts about Employee Stock Ownership Plans. New ESOP bill introduced in the US House of Representatives to encourage the creation of ESOPs.

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