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Employee share schemes statistics provoke wide debate in the UK
The latest published share scheme statistics has sparked off a major debate over how best to rejuvenate UK employee share ownership, following the British ESOP Centre (see press review). "The UK has perhaps the best employee share plan legislation in the world", but it is still far from Mrs Thatcher aspiration, 30 years ago, for a Britain where owning shares would be "as common as having a car".
Now after 30 years of legislation in the UK and in France, the facts have spoken: Employee share ownership is twice more significant in France; this is where the employee share plan legislation was most effective. This is probably due to the fact that employee share plans in France are based on (blocked) shares, while they are essentially based on share options in the UK. As we already mentioned some time ago, after a spectacular football match: France-UK: 2-1

Database of employee share ownership in European companies
The next version of the EFES database will be soon available. It will give new exhaustive picture of employee share ownership in European listed companies. For the first time, the database will bring information about the existence (or not) and stake of a controlling owner in each of all listed company. The democratization rate of employee share ownership, for instance, appears to be strongly related to the ownership control of companies. More info

Press review
We have a selection of 30 remarkable articles in 10 countries in November 2015: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, UK, USA.
Canada: New government - new threats on fiscal incentives - arguments about fiscal policies and stock options.
France: Inspiring proposals for business transmission to employees in France. New employee share plan for Axa. Troubles about employee share ownership in Areva and EDF. Some successful workers' cooperatives.
Germany: Urgent call from German industrialists for a real incentive policy for employee share ownership.
Italy: Questions about the ownership structure of Telecom Italia.
Morocco: New employee share plan for BCP Group.
Netherlands: Neither the Liberal Party nor the Socialist Party (which govern the Netherlands) still believe in people's capitalism or to employee share ownership.
South Africa:  The National Union of Mineworkers has signed an agreement with Two Rivers mine for an employee share ownership plan.
Spain: Much is awaited from the new law on employee-owned and participative companies.
UK: The rise and rise of employee-owned companies: New companies sold to Employee Ownership Trusts.
USA: The top reasons why craft brewers are turning to ESOPs. When an ESOP is the right move for a business. A provocative book wants the USA to adopt the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) as the standard way of doing business.

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