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  Still more employee share plans in Europe
The EFES Survey of employee ownership in 2013 is soon available, showing that still more and more of European companies organize employee share plans. In 2013, 85% of all large European companies had employee share plans of all kinds, while 53% had "broad-based" plans for all employees and 63% had stock option plans... More


  Press review
We have a selection of 32 remarkable articles in 11 countries in January 2014: Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, UK, USA.
Belgium: Leveraged Employee Stock Ownership Plan for Nyrstar. By contrast to other European countries, employee share ownership was seriously declining in Belgium since 2008.
China: How Huawei’s employee-ownership model works in practice, and how that ownership translates into corporate leadership and decision-making.
France: New employee share plan for Schneider Electric. Business transmission as workers' cooperatives for Solaco TP and for LFoundry.
Germany: Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser calls for higher tax incentives for employee share ownership in Germany. Silent participation for employees in Claas Group.
Italy: Privatization of the Italian Post: Employee share ownership could bring a revolution in Italy.
Morocco: Employee share ownership is developing in Morocco.
Slovenia: Looking for new ways to develop employee ownership in Slovenia, the legislation of 2008 was not successful.
South Africa: National Union of Mineworkers would like the Envision ESOP to be an example for other mining companies.
Spain: New employee share plan for Repsol. After Fagor collapse, Mondragon cooperative conglomerate is struggling to decide on how to restructure; President Gisasola resigns.
UK: Share scheme limit rise divides opinion. New employee share plans expected for Lloyds Bank and for TSB. FTSE-listed companies that encouraged employees to purchase shares outperformed those that did not by as much as 30% last year. Government's plan for the promotion of employee ownership in the UK: One year on report.
USA: How about raising employee ownership rather than minimum wage? A set of new ESOP companies. The largest employee-owned newspaper company in the United States.

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A political roadmap for employee ownership in Europe

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