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The Virtual Information Center for employee ownership and participation offers a full picture of each country of the European Union. For each country, it offers a summary of dedicated legislation as well as a short information about fiscal, social, political and cultural aspect of employee ownership and participation. It is on the Internet and it is for free. More information

Italy on the right way
On November 30 the Italian Government approved the Parliamentary Motion presented by MPs Tidei, Galperto and Bargero about the promotion of employee share ownership in Italy. The document is largely inspired by the EFES positions and activities. Its aim is to promote employee share ownership through a new legislation and through a dedicated budget. See more in Italian
Press review
We have a selection of 38 remarkable articles in 10 countries in November 2014: Austria, France, Germany, India, Italy, Morocco, Philippines, Spain, UK, USA.
Austria: Unions are still reluctant about employee share ownership.
: Recent Government's decision going to demolish employee share ownership in France. New employee share plans for Worldonline. Vivendi celebrated for its sustainable employee share ownership policy. New employee buyouts through workers' cooperatives.
India: New regulation for stock option plans.
Italy: New international employee share plan for Prysmian, a good example of best practices in Italy.
Morocco: Listed companies promote employee share ownership rather than SMEs.
Philippines: Philippines clarifies stock option tax treatment.
Spain: Going to higher taxation on employee share plans and stock options.
UK: Two new tax reliefs have been created in 2014, intended to encourage more companies to become employee-owned. The percentage of UK businesses that are employee-owned should  rise from 2pc to 10pc. The UK Government needs to level the tax playing field to boost employee ownership. 
USA: A set of new companies being sold to employees. Employee stock ownership plans (or ESOPs) can be an effective and tax-efficient succession alternative.

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