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European Commission's Action Plan for employee share ownership
The European Commission recently published its new Action Plan. In summary, the following actions will be taken:
The Commission will analyse the subject in more details.
The Commission will identify which initiatives may be appropriate to encourage the development of trans-national employee share ownership schemes in Europe.
The Commission will identify and investigate potential obstacles to trans-national employee share ownership schemes.
Subsequently the Commission will take appropriate action to encourage employee share ownership throughout Europe.
Full details about this new action plan are available for download here.  

Press review
We have a selection of 21 remarkable articles in 9 countries in August 2013: Australia, France, Germany, India, Poland, The Netherlands, UK, USA, Vietnam.
Australia: Australian government is running a regulatory review of the tax treatment and administrative arrangements of employee share schemes.
France: French Government looking to ease employee buyouts. New employee share plans for Axa, for Vinci, for Steria. "How to involve employees in the company's performance?" is the title of the free practice guide published by the employers' association CroissancePlus. First anniversary for workers' cooperative MyFerryLink.
Germany: Employee share plan for Kion Group after successful IPO.
India: Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) is one of the most popular ways in which companies motivate employees to perform better and retain them.
: Employee shares is a hot topic for JSW coal miners.
The Netherlands: ABN Amro works council asks for new participation plan.
UK: Government plans to decentralise services have so far put more than £1 billion of public expenditure in the hands of former employees. Employees must be at the heart of the decision to outsource public services to a mutual, rather than being ‘forced through’ against their will, warn Co-operatives UK and the TUC.
USA: ESOPs are a somewhat obscure type of retirement program. Some key features of Employee Stock Ownership Plans. Broad-based employee stock ownership plans, if properly designed, are the best way to ramp up productivity, new research finds. Stock options on the verge of extinction?
: ESOP – owner of Vietnamese newspaper.

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