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UK Employee Ownership Index
The UK Employee Ownership Index (EOI) has recently been re-launched and from June 2013, it is calculated by FTSE International. The index was created to test a hypothesis that businesses with substantial employee ownership perform well over the long term. The UK Employee Ownership Index is an index of UK public companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Strangely, the picture the new EOI brings about performance is quite different from the former Index... More

Employee representation on boards in Europe
Employee representation on boards is highly sophisticated in many large companies in France, either in Boards of Directors or in Supervisory Boards. Altogether employee representatives are present on boards covering 51% of employment in large French companies. This is through unions or workers councils for 36% and it is for 29% through employee shareholders representatives (while both unions or workers councils and employee shareholders are present in 14% of cases). A detailed publication about employee representation on boards is now available… More

Press review
We have a selection of 50 remarkable articles in 12 countries in November 2013: Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Poland, UK, USA.
Canada: Turn Heinz into an employee-owned company.
China: Enterprises will be allowed to utilize employee stock ownership to align the interests of investors and employees.
France: The French Government wants to double the number of workers cooperatives in 5 years. New employee share plan for Vallourec. Essilor wins the "Grand Prix 2013" of employee share ownership.
Germany: Skepticism is still prevailing about employee share ownership.
India: New set of regulations for the employee stock option scheme (ESOP).
Italy: Still questions about employee ownership in Banca Popolare di Milano.
Morocco: 5% of Attijariwafa bank held by employees.
Poland: Employee share ownership for the privatisation of the National Sugar Company.
Spain: The collapse of Fagor Electrodomésticos is the most serious crisis to face Mondragón workers-owned cooperatives for many years.
UK: The rise and fall of the company share option plan. Relaunch of the UK Employee Ownership Index. One year after the government’s response to The Nuttall Review on employee ownership. Diversity in business forms as a new argument to promote employee-owned businesses. What about  a new Government backed "employee ownership bank"? Employee share ownership has merit. But that does not justify further government incentives argues The Economist.
USA: The Joys of Employee Ownership: Video. Can employee-owned companies reboot the economy? New comments about "The Citizen's Share" – new book by Joseph Blasi, Richard Freeman and Douglas Kruse.

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