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Employee representation on Boards
Employee representation on Boards is usual in many large European companies, either in Boards of Directors or in Supervisory Boards.
Employee shareholders are represented on Boards in 13% of large French companies (but 29% in terms of employment). Employee shareholders representation on Boards is thus typical in French largest companies.
On the other hand, employee representation on Boards is usual for 36% of employees in large European companies (See Graph). This is the case for 95% of employees in large companies in Austria, Germany or Slovenia. In France, it is the case for 51% of employees in large companies (just over the European average), while it is only the case for 2.3% in the UK… and 0% in Italy.
The EFES database of large European companies gathered initially all information about employee share ownership in the 2.200 largest European companies (25% of all listed companies in Europe but 94% in terms of employment and 97% in terms of capitalization). The EFES database is now extended to corporate governance issues. A detailed publication about employee representation on Boards will be soon available.

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Press review
We have a selection of 59 remarkable articles in 9 countries in October 2013: Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, USA, South Africa, Zimbabwe.
Australia: Australian Government's review of employee share schemes coming soon.
France: France is the European champion regarding employee share ownership. However political uncertainties are increasingly threatening. France Telecom: Election of the employee representatives on Board of Directors. New employee share plan for Air Liquide, for Sanofi. Controversy about French Government's project to ease employee buyouts.
Germany: Employee share ownership for startups.
Italy: New employee share plan for Prysmian. Pleas for co-determination on German fashion. DirCredito answering to the consultation of the European Banking Authority: No variable pay, if not for all.
Spain: Mondragon flagship cooperative Fagor going bankrupt.
UK: Time for a national conversation about German lessons, co-determination and employees on boards? Next 18 months provide ‘great opportunity’ for employee share ownership, according to the British Private Equity and Venture Association. Employee share plan for Royal Mail privatisation: Back to "Popular capitalism" of the 80s? 99,75% of Royal Mail staff accept the offer.
USA: October was the Employee Ownership Month in the US.
South Africa: Employee share ownership plans in the mining industry were viewed some years ago as a way to spread the benefits of empowerment to workers…
Zimbabwe: Workers benefit from the indigenisation programme through employee share ownership trusts.

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