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A new era of capitalism in the UK
The British Government announces a new era of capitalism. "Never before, employee ownership had so much attention in the UK", Minister for Employment Norman Lamb said. They are going "to shift employee ownership into the mainstream of corporate Britain". On the other hand, the British administration for Revenue & Customs (HMRC) launched a public consultation about employee share plans. Something should be done in priority about employee share plans in large companies, as the comparison with France shows. This is appearing from the EFES answer to the HMRC consultation

Typology of employee ownership
Based on empirical and statistical observation, a typology of employee ownership can be identified: Up to 1% employee ownership appears to be insignificant or embryonic, over 1% it is becoming significant, over 6% it is strategic, over 20% it is determining, and over 50% it is controlling. Of course, here is a link with corporate governance issues. It is remarkable that employee ownership appears to be strategic, determining or controlling, not only in small and medium sized enterprises, but even in a high number of the largest European companies. More information

Press review
We made a selection of 37 remarkable articles in 11 countries in July-August 2012: China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA.
China: China's securities regulator issued a draft regulation for listed companies that offer shares to their employees, a move aiming to make more staff benefit from stock ownership. Chinese telecom major Huawei looks to extend its employee ownership model to its foreign workers.
Finland: Nokia boosts stock-option program to retain key employees.
France: New employee share plan for AXA. Tax benefits encouraging employee savings plans were dramatically reduced in recent years. The end of a long story for SeaFrance ferries: My Ferry Link is  back as a workers co-operative. The new socialist government will promote employee buyouts through workers coops.
Germany: Statistics by the German Share Institute show that the number of employee shareholders increased significantly since 2010.
India: Stock-options back in vogue.
Ireland: The end of an era for Eircom.
Poland: Privatization of FOD Machines Factory.
Spain: The Spanish confederation of employee-owned companies CONFESAL celebrates it 25th anniversary.
Switzerland: Employee shareholders seem reluctant about Crédit Suisse.
UK: Employee ownership has the potential to play an important role in Britain's future economic growth, says employment minister Norman Lamb. A team of researchers from Newcastle University Business School and Cass Business School of City University London have come up with evidence that shows the economic benefits, improved business performance and resilience of employee-owned businesses (EOBs).
USA: An ESOP is a special type of retirement plan that purchases stock of the business where the employees work. A new study about the economic impact of the preferential tax treatment of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).

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