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Report of the public hearing in the European Parliament
The Report of the public hearing is now available. The public hearing in the European Parliament was held on March 22 thanks to Pervenche Berès, Chair of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and with Commissioner for Internal Market Michel Barnier.
A budget proposal was laid on the table of the Parliament for supporting the development of employee ownership in all European countries…
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Survey of employee ownership in European countries in 2011
The new Survey is now available. It is based on the census of employee ownership in each of all 2.505 largest European companies, employing 32,8 million people in 2011. Content: Main findings of census 2011, more than 50 tables and graphs, democratization ratio of employee ownership in various European countries, relative shares of Top Executives and other employees, list of most remarkable cases... More information

Press review
We made a selection of 37 remarkable articles in 8 countries in April 2012: Canada, France, Ireland, India, Italy, South Africa, UK, USA.
Canada: Ontario bus drivers want employee ownership before privatization.
France: New employee share plans for Schneider Electric. France Telecom: Employee shareholders want dividends to be reduced. Business transfers to employees are multiplying, especially through workers' cooperatives. Annual survey 2011: Employee share ownership and employee savings reach record levels in France despite the financial crisis.
Ireland: Since Eircom was first privatised in 1999 it has changed hands no fewer than five times and current shareholders, STT of Singapore and the employee share ownership trust, are wiped out.
India: ESOPs are still in the hands of top rung in Corporate India, giving out employee stock options  to less than 10% of employees.
Italy: New call for employee share ownership to be promoted in Italy as a condition for better corporate governance.
South Africa: Siemens launches new employee share ownership trust.
UK: A new Government initiative is set to boost employee share ownership. Stewart-Buchanan group  has become an employee owned business in a move that safeguards 150 jobs. Ending the state monopoly over public services. The Coalition government is giving public sector workers real control over the services they provide.
USA: Some new Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) owned companies in April.

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