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Democratizing employee ownership
Every large European company has 4 Top Executives on average, each holding 6.475.000 € in his company in 2009. Most large European companies have now employee share plans. Most of them express the idea that employee ownership should be increased in order to align employees and shareholders' interests. However, most companies began with share plans for Top Executives. This is to be compared with 9.3 million common employee owners, each holding 10.000 € in 2009. Many discussions occurred recently about Executives' remunerations. What about ownership? More

Employee shareholders rights in European companies
Which are the good practices? Which models, which obstacles across Europe? Could it be more effective? A European Report will be written with the support of the European Commission and a European Conference will be held in Rome on September 16-17, 2010. It will contribute to open a new door for social dialogue and corporate governance items. Here the new dedicated website

Press review
Due to changes in Google formats, this press review is now much more difficult and we missed a lot of information, especially in Spanish and in German languages. We are looking for new solutions. This is why we have only 1.016 articles in this press review in March 2010 (on which 429 involving stock options and 121 about workers' cooperatives). We made a selection of  50 remarkable articles in 10 countries: Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Kenya, Switzerland, UK, USA, South Africa, Zimbabwe.
Australia: Possible employee buyout in the meat industry - Australian Employee Buyout Center at work.
Canada: Proposed changes in stock options taxation. The Steelworkers union is involved in an ongoing study to see if an employee buyout of the Tembec paper mill would be feasible.
France: Several employee buyouts at various stages, successfully or not. New employee share plan for Schneider Electric. It is remarkable that the three world's leading companies in the heavy construction industry are French, with employees owning 9% of Vinci, 18% of Bouygues and 33% of Eiffage. Strategic position for employee ownership in Essilor. Strange conflict about employee ownership in Total.
Italy: Happy end with the transposition of the McCreevy's Directive about shareholders rights in Italy – a success for Italian employee shareholders' associations.
Kenya: Equity Bank is set to establish an Employee Share Ownership Scheme, 5% of the bank’s total shareholding will be released to employees.
UK: Tories plan to use employee-owned co-operatives to shake up public services reflects a realisation by politicians and civil servants that employee-owned firms are not the Soviet kolkhozes of lazy stereotype, but are valid forms of commercial enterprise. Is John Lewis the best company in Britain to work for? It is owned by its employees who have a say in how it is run, and receive a share of the profits. Transparency asked about the UK Employee Ownership Index, showing that employee-owned companies outperform those from the FTSE all-share index. Possible employee buyout for Preston bus company.
USA: Will employee ownership be the base of a new communitarianism? ESOPs on the rise among small businesses. A new study shows that, in the most recent economic recession, companies owned by their employees through employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) demonstrated considerable resilience and performed better than other companies in providing for workers' retirement security, job creation, and revenue growth.
Zimbabwe: Indigenisation Regulations encourage employee share ownership schemes.

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A political roadmap for employee ownership in Europe

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