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Happy end in Italy
Each European country is now busy with the transposition of McCreevy Directive about shareholders rights. In a first stage, this transposition put Italian employee shareholders associations in danger.  Fortunately, the new legislation finally maintains their role.

 - new common logo for workers' cooperatives in France
The French Confederation of Workers' Cooperatives launched a new common logo for all French workers' coops. More

Press review
Much new information about employee ownership in January 2010, with 1.418 articles in this press review (on which 563 involving stock options and 342 about workers' cooperatives). We made a selection of  51 remarkable articles in 16 countries: Australia, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, India, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Spain, UK, USA, Vietnam.
Australia: Revived calls for the government to revisit the way executives and employees are taxed on share purchase schemes. Much room for improvement in the quality of management  by introducing superior management systems such as employee share ownership schemes and employee participation in decision-making.
Canada: United Steelworkers notifying Tembec paper mill of a union's employee buyout proposal. Conflict with unions in Boisaco.
Cyprus: Big semi-state organisations such as the Electricity Authority and the Ports Authority operate as workers’ co-operatives.
France: Growing interest about workers' co-operatives and employee buyouts. The French Confederation of Workers' Cooperatives launches a new common logo "lesScop".
Germany: Recent new legislation about employee share plans appears to be a flop. Still discussions about employee ownership scheme for Opel employees.
India: Employee stock options are back in vogue.
Italy: Transposition of McCreevy Directive about shareholders rights: In a first stage, employee share ownership was put in danger. Fortunately, the new legislation finally confirms the role of employee shareholders associations.
Jamaica: Keep Air Jamaica in local hands through employee share ownership, union boss pleads.
Pakistan: Half a million workers will benefit from Benazir Employee Stock Option schemes in state owned companies. Under the scheme 12 per cent of government shares are being transferred to workers in entities including 16 listed and 33 unlisted public companies.
Spain: Employee-owned companies could be a good answer to the crisis in Castilla y León.
UK: Co-operative business models are back in the spotlight as people look for more sustainable and effective ways of running a business. First John Lewis-style private hospital is launched: Bath clinic is first in planned chain of 30 private hospitals run as John Lewis-style, employee partnerships.
USA: Co-op businesses offer a model to empower workers. On the other hand, employee bonuses survive recession. Employees want to buy bankrupt grocer through stock ownership plan in Syracuse. In Oregon employee-owned company Blue Heron Paper  announced that it will reorganize under Chapter 11 and that 50 employees have been told they would be laid off.
Vietnam: The amount held by employee shareholders is rather high, but this rate will be changed after VietNamNet Bridge being listed.

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