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Brussels, 23 May 2008 – Seventh European Meeting of Employee Ownership
The Seventh European Meeting of Employee Ownership will be held in the prestigious Solvay Library, just near the European Parliament. Programme and practical information are now available. Get all information here

Annual Economic Survey of Employee Ownership in the European Countries
Employee ownership is developing faster and stronger across Europe than anyone could expect. This is the main conclusion of the first "Annual Economic Survey of Employee Ownership in the European Countries" which will be made public during the Seventh European Meeting of Employee Ownership. It is a quick and recent new development in most European countries. However, some countries began earlier while others dawdled on the way. They can easily be compared to each others. Each country file can be downloaded and the full Annual Survey can now be subscribed. More information

Press review
Much new information about employee ownership in March 2008, with 1.307 articles in this press review (on which 544 involving stock options and 177 about workers' cooperatives). We made a selection of  68 remarkable articles in 16 countries: Arab Emirates, Austria, Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, India, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia, Poland, Senegal, Trinidad & Tobago, UK, USA, South Africa.
Arab Emirates and Jordan: An information campaign was organised about ESOPs and their benefits. The lack of Employee Stock Ownership Plans seems detrimental for the Arab states of the Gulf Cooperative Countries.
Austria: Vice-Chancellor Molterer points out employee ownership as one of his 10-points-programme for enterprise policy. Erste Bank and Oberbank are both launching new employee share plans.
Canada: Workers-Shareholders Cooperatives seems a good solution for business transmission.
Germany: A compromise seems imminent between Angela Merkel (CDU) and Kurt Beck (President of the SPD) about employee ownership. The Spiegel describes Beck's model of employee ownership in Rheinland-Pfalz as a flop.
France: Still many discussions about the recent decision to make employee savings freely available to boost consumption. Is Mr Sarkozy going to put employee savings to its end? A difficult situation to face for non-listed companies. On the other hand, it is still pleaded for "stock options for all", while much large French companies as Schneider launch new employee share plans. Employee ownership and corporate governance: employee shareholders will be represented in Société Générale's Board of Directors and an new agreement was found for Saint-Gobain.
Ireland: Things seems not simplifying for Babcock and the Employee Share Ownership Trust in Eircom.
India, Malaysia, Senegal: Stock options plans.
Trinidad & Tobago: Steel workers protest about the Employee Share Ownership Plan which ArcelorMittal promised.
USA: The New York Times notes that "Europe takes a closer look at employee stock ownership". However employee ownership has its drawbacks! Wall Street employee owners shudder as Bear Stearns implodes, and the National Center for Employee Ownership places the fate of employee-owners at Bear Stearns in context. On the other hand, employees could take over plants from General Electric and from Ford. Employee ownership plans are increasingly common.

The press review is available on:

This is how much an employee held in 2006, in average, in shares of:

UBS  87.000 €
Total 47.000 €
Novartis 48.000 €
Mondragon 54.000 €
DeutscheBank 61.000 €
SocGen 38.000 €
BNPParibas 30.000 €
CréditAgricole 48.000 €
AXA 27.000 €
Bouygues 23.000 €

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