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Strong differences between European companies
Last month, we underlined the fact that employee ownership shows major differences between European companies of the bank sector. For instance, this is how much an employee holds in average in shares in following banks: UBS 87.000 €, Deutsche Bank 61.000 €, Société Générale 38.000 € ... Fortis 5.000 €, ING 1.535 € ... This month, let's see the numbers for transports and logistics (see column on the right side):

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
The UK's Accounting Standard Board announced a major relaxation of the requirements for Share Based Payments for smaller companies. Here more information

Netherlands Participation Institute
Pascale Nieuwland and Marjon Westerhof are the new Directors of the NPI. Here more information

Press Review   
Much new information about employee ownership in January 2007, with 1.581   articles in our press review (on which 815 about stock options and 240 about workers' co-operatives).
We made a selection of 63 remarkable articles in 19 countries: Belgium, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, USA.
The scandals about stock options got new developments in several countries, while executives' remuneration was confirmed as a hot question in the political debate for the election of the next President in France.
Germany: New proposals for employee ownership came from the SPD and the Rheinland-Pfδlz's Government.
India also asks questions about top executives' pay.
Jamaica: Unions representing air workers request new employee share ownership programmes.
Netherlands: New research about employee ownership: "it works!"
United Kingdom: New developments for workers' cooperatives, for instance in Scotland. Workers' coops could be the way for a rescue plan for Burberry. On the other hand, the Royal Mail's controversial plan for an employee share ownership scheme was blocked; a John Lewis-like scheme could be a better solution.
United States: New examples of companies shifting to employee ownership. An Employee Buyout was just finalized at Ohio's largest independent advertising agency. On the other side, Hooker has to stop with its ESOP. Wall Street had a big question about SAIC's employee shareholders: will they stay or will they go, now the company is listed? Finally, for the first time, the SEC approves market way to value options.
South Africa: Solidarity Union protests against racial discrimination in employee share ownership schemes.
Japan: A soon-to-be-published study of ESOPs in listed companies finds that these plans now have a mean ownership of about 7% of company stock.

The press review is available on:

WHAT ABOUT YOU? This is how much an employee holds in average, in shares of:

UBS 87.000 €
Total 47.000 €
Novartis 48.000 €
Mondragon 54.000 €
DeutscheBk 61.000 €
SocGen 38.000 €
BNPParibas 30.000 €
CrιditAgricole 48.000 €
AXA 27.000 €
Bouygues 23.000 €
DSV 2.350 €
MotaEngil 0 €
Unipart 29.333 €
Oerlikon 5.096 €
AtlasCopco 1.220 €
Sandvik 3.271 €
Fraport 1.887 €
BAA 14.772 €
AustrianAirlines 111 €
Lufthansa 248 €
Finnair 825 €
Air France-KLM 6.940 €
SAS 14 €
BritishAirways 1.639 €
Flughaf.Wien 26.310 €
Iberia 49 €
AerLingus 48.452 €
DeutschePost 196 €
Geodis 2.083 €
Stef-Tfe 7.674 €
Securitas 0 €
Group4Securicor 69 €
Proseguro 0 €
SodexhoAlliance 308 €
Autogrill 0 €
CompassGroup 106 €
Whitbread 1.125 €
Mitchells&Butl. 1.650 €
Kuehne&Nagel 1.385 €
TNT 609 €
Adecco 832 €
SGS 55 €
RentokilInitial 83 €

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