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Sixth European Meeting of Employee Ownership
The Sixth European Meeting of Employee Ownership will be held in Brussels on December 14-15-16, 2006. The meeting will announce the ranking of all Europe's widest employee ownership companies: The European Employee Ownership Top 100 - 2006. For the first time, a complete survey of employee ownership will be available, for all countries of the EU. Click here for detailed information and draft programme

Your travel and accommodation expenses could be reimbursed !!
Thanks to our sponsors, EFES will be able to cover your travel and accommodation expenses for the Sixth European Meeting of Employee Ownership. Click here for detailed information.

A new platform for employee ownership in Austria
A new platform published a strong study on employee ownership and participation schemes in Austria. See on Plattform Mitarbeiterbeteiligung Österreich

Press Review   
Much new information about employee ownership in August 2006, with 940 articles in our press review (on which 238 about workers' co-operatives).
We made a selection of 29 articles in 12 countries.
The scandals about stock options got new developments in France and the US (122 articles). All major candidates to French Presidency declared willing to restrain or even forbid stock options in the future. Similar reactions appeared in other countries like Italy, Austria or UK.
Austria: A new wide research was published about employee share ownership and financial participation schemes in Austria.
France was the hottest place regarding employee ownership in August. The new legislation is going to be voted by the Parliament in autumn, while AXA launched its new employee share ownership plan.
Germany: the German "Mitbestimmung" (co-decision) has now 30 years and some reflections are done about the future.
Ireland: Eircom issue being now concluded (Eircom's Employee Share Ownership Trust from 21.5% to 35%), the air company Aer Lingus will be the next, privatisation bringing wider place for employee ownership.
United Kingdom: Royal Mail continues to work on its controversial new employee share scheme.
USA: SAIC - one of the biggest employee-owned company in the world (43.000 workers) decided to go public, but new obstacles have to be faced. A number of articles give interesting examples of employee ownership in companies (UPS, Sheridan, CI Travel, Delta Medical Center). On the other hand, be careful with "ESOP fables": Hundreds of workers at Hoover Co. (the vacuums) are searching for a way to buy their company, but experts say adopting an employee stock ownership plan to save jobs is a tough route.

The press review is available on:
     REVIEW - August 2006.htm 

Your company can be a partner of the TOP 100 project and the Sixth European Meeting of Employee Ownership

International Survey on Employee Share Ownership and Work Values

New platform for employee ownership in Austria: Plattform Mitarbeiterbeteiligung Österreich

New European report, by Erik Poutsma and others: "Changing Patterns of Employee Financial Participation in Europe - A survey among listed firms in Six European Member States"
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