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Sixth European Meeting of Employee Ownership
The Sixth European Meeting of Employee Ownership will be held in Brussels on December 14-15-16, 2006. The meeting will announce the rankings of all Europe's widest employee ownership companies: The European Employee Ownership Top 100 - 2006. Click here for detailed information.

Top European companies set up a lobby group
Design and management of multinational share plans are very difficult and expensive. The management of multinational schemes is confronted with a huge range of constraints and changeable national rules for which managers and directors of schemes are poorly equipped and frequent use of expensive legal advice is necessary. Many improvements or exemptions could be achieved, hence lower complexity and costs. The first meeting of the lobby group allowed participants to define priorities. Click here for detailed information.

Press Review   
Much new information about employee ownership in June 2006, with 709 articles in our press review (on which 209 about workers' co-operatives). We made a selection of 39 articles in 12 countries:
Austria: employee share ownership could be a way to boost Austrian stock exchange.
Botswana: employee share ownership will take a place in Air Botswana's privatisation.
Canada: Ski Press is an employee-owned company which restructures.
France was the hottest place regarding employee ownership in June. The new legislation was discussed in the Council of Ministers and it could be voted by the Parliament in autumn. The annual survey about employee savings enlightens the  progress of employee share ownership. Employee ownership had to face complex situations in some big companies: Arcelor/Mittal, Eiffage, Libération. Finally, at the same time as a new stock options scandal appears in the USA, similar scandals about stock options and executives compensation appeared in France (Vinci, Havas, EADS).
Germany: two good articles about Angela Merkel's plans to promote employee share ownership.
Ireland:  Eircom issue goes now to its conclusion. Eircom's Employee Share Ownership Trust seems to emerge as the winner, employee ownership raising from 21.5% to 35%. Aer Lingus: privatisation could bring wider place for employee ownership.
Jamaica: a survey of employee share ownership in listed companies in Jamaica.
Japan: a survey of workers' coops and employee ownership in Japan.
South Africa
: trade unions ask for more employee share ownership within black empowerment programmes.
South Korea: employee owners submit a bid for Daewoo
United Kingdom: SAYE – the most popular employee share scheme is in danger. Pertemps' famous family business goes to an employee share ownership model, while employee share ownership seems difficult for Royal Mail.
USA: some examples of employee ownership in companies (Aluminum Specialties, VGM, Hot Dog on a Stick, Creation Technologies, Asemtec). On the other hand, new scandals appear about stock options. Finally, Vermont State has a new legislation favouring employee-owned companies.

The press review is available on:
     REVIEW - June 2006.htm 

Your company can be a partner of the TOP 100 project and the Sixth European Meeting of Employee Ownership

International Survey on Employee Share Ownership and Work Values

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New European report, by Erik Poutsma and others: "Changing Patterns of Employee Financial Participation in Europe - A survey among listed firms in Six European Member States"
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